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Nicholas Scott

Nicholas H Scott

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As a Chartered Accountant, with a broad range of advisory experience, I contribute both professional and commercial skills to provide insightful analysis to all business decisions:

> 4+ years delivering QlikView & Qlik Sense solutions with leading QlikView resellers including QlickIT, Informance & Differentia
> 10+ years business analysis for business restructuring, M&A transactions and Pension scheme funding negotiations

Since adopting QlikView, Nick has many successful implementations in many different industries, from financial services to healthcare, and from manufacturing to retail. A certified QlikView Designer, Developer and Systems Administrator, Nick’s experience covers a wide variety of roles and subjects: requirements analysis, design, development, infrastructure, systems administration, integration, optimization, project management and training.

With a wife in the Royal Navy, Nick retains flexible working arrangement to accommodate Service requirements and future posting destinations. Nick is also involved in interim management and consultancy roles. Nick has a breadth of experience in insolvency, business reviews & forensic investigations, cash flow management, business planning, negotiation and dispute resolution.

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A name may not define us, but it can convey information about sociology, psychology, etymology and anthropology.

The name Loki’s originates from Norse mythology in which he appears as a “god of fire”. Loki is a complex character who advises the gods and often resolves their difficulties.

Richard Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen” is a cycle of four epic operas loosely based on characters from the Norse sagas and the Nibelungenlied. Loki appears in Loge the fire god.

In “Der Ring des Nibelungen” Loge advises Wotan, but tires of the Gods’ greed and refusal to return the Ring to the Rheinmaidens and eventually returns to his elemental form in the final opera Gotterdammerung and destroys everything at Ragnarok.